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View Matrei Nikolauschurch, Matrei in Easttyrol, District Lienz, Austria

Matrei in East Tyrol (until the 20th century: Windisch-Matrei) is a market town with 4781 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2012) in the district of Lienz (East Tyrol) in Austria and with a size of 277.8 km ², the second largest town in the Tyrol. The municipality covers the entire Tauern and parts of the upper Isel Valley. The market itself Matrei is located 29 km north of Lienz at the mouth of the creek in the Tauern Isel and is the economic, social, tourist and medical center for the northern part of the district. Economically takes in the community of tourism a prominent position, in contrast to large parts of East Tyrol could also establish a more important winter tourism is. Furthermore, the population is employed in particular in small and medium enterprises or agriculture.
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